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Description For Panel

Our Privacy Screens are 100% Custom Made in the USA. We are located in Colorado but we can ship for all of the 50 states.

We only use high quality American Made steel.

Benefits of our privacy screens:

1- Increased privacy – The nosy neighbors and odd passersby will have a much harder time seeing your own personal goings-on.

2- Shade – On a hot summer’s day, it is always nice to find a bit of shade, and when the sun is beating down on your patio, sometimes you have to bring the shade to you. A privacy screen can offer this much-needed respite from the heat of direct sunlight.

3- Hiding eyesores – Sometimes there are things we need to keep outside and they are not always aesthetically pleasing. Things like air conditioning units and water pumps can really distract from your yard’s scenery. Privacy screens are a good way of dividing and keeping things like this out of sight.

4- Attractive – The right screen can really accentuate your yard, making it a true sight to be seen.

What exactly do you do?

Driven by curiosity, we thrive on challenging creativity and what is expected when designing for a space.

We enhance experience through the creation and design of decorative screens. Ultimately, elevating spaces to bring people together.

We work with private residential clients, landscapers, interior designers, architects and builders. We can work on a ‘supply only’ basis, supplying panels for other contractors such as gate fabricators and building trades.

Decorative Screens – Outdoor Screens – Privacy Screens – Planters - Gates – Fences – Infill Panels – Pool Fence Panels – Legacy Panels – Commemorative Pieces – Public Art Installations – Entry Feature Screens – Visual Branding – Names – House Plates – Letters & Numbers -


Delivery Time: Delivery time starts when the customer approves the design for manufacturing.

And the installation? Can I D.I.Y or do you offer installation?

If you are a genius with measurements and very skilled with a drill, then it is likely that you will have no difficulty in measuring the space, providing us with the measurements for the manufacture and installation of your decorative privacy screens. For Denver area, Colorado Springs and Aspen customers, we offer site measurement and installation (additional fees apply). Our installers are true professionals and have a black belt of skill to complete your project accurately. Outside our service area, no problems.

  • *Twice a month our teams are in California.
  • *Once a month in Arizona.
  • *Once a month in Washington.
  • *Twice a month in Nevada.
  • *We are also happy to work with your local merchants to coordinate the project on your behalf.

How do I know if you are the right decorative screen business for me?

Distinctively different during every step of the process. Our screens ignite conversations, inspire creativity and create spaces built for connections, not just fill them. Not content with creating a standard set of designs which are replicated over and over, our designs are fresh, relevant, and engaging. We are a boutique business, and our focus is on bespoke projects. We aim to enhance experience through creativity and design, by elevating spaces to bring people together. If you want more than ‘just decorative screens’, then we are the right choice for you. Through every touch point, our aim is to provide a high-quality product with service to match. Exceeding your expectations every step of the way.

Your website does not show prices, how can I know how much they cost? You can send by message via Etsy Store Instant or on our website to receive a personalized quote. This can be used as a guide only, as each project is made to order and therefore varies in price depending on the design, material, size and quantity of screens required.

What information do you require so that you can work an accurate price?

The more information you can provide, the better. Initially we will provide basic pricing to establish whether or not we are a good fit for your project. If you can provide approximate sizes and quantities, we can start to form a design brief. Do you have images of your project location – even better. We are getting to know you and your requirements and the more information you can provide, the more accurate the pricing.

How do I know which material best suits my project?

Great question. The main options are Powder coated aluminum; Stainless Steel (brushed satin finish or mirrored); Weathering Steel (Corten Steel); Mild Steel. Depending upon your location, and where the screens will be mounted, we can talk you through the various options.

How do the screens attach to my wall? Are fixtures included?

Fixtures are not included in your initial quotation however they can be supplied at an additional cost. We have a great range of options to suit every application. *Standoff screws to allow your screen to be offset from the wall.

*Mounting pins can be added to the rear of your panel for screens fixing into block work


*Custom Brackets

*Adjustable footings

*Fixtures can also be color matched to your decorative screen

My project is complicated, it’s more than ‘just screens’, can you help?

Yes. We love a challenge and thrive on doing things differently from our competitors. Show us your plans! Our designs are innovative and inspiring. Designs are created not to just fill a space, rather, to enhance it. Our process is built on collaboration, working with you, rather than just for you.

I’m an architect just in the planning stage of the project, is it to early to discuss? It’s never too early to start the conversation about decorative and how they can best be incorporated into your upcoming projects. Discussing screen options early means that panels can be designed to suit your budget and won’t fall into the trap of specifying decorative screens in unusual or expensive sizes. Did you know we also offer a ‘design only’ service for professionals such as yourself. You can engage our services to design all of your decorative screening requirements. Sample designs which can be used for quotation and tendering purposes or complete design files ready for fabrication. Ask us how.

Our garden needs a complete makeover, how much of the work can you undertake? Do your services include more than screens?

While one of our team may secretly wish that she was a landscape architect and has an obsessive love of all things green and garden related, sadly we are not. We do however have a top-of-the-line black book of landscapers and tradesmen who we have worked with in the past to whom we often refer our clients. Our installers also have a great skill set and often can complete small complimentary jobs which save you from outsourcing to other contractors. Ask us how.

So, with that all in mind, what are the best uses for metal screens in your studio or office space?

To get it just right make sure to:

1- Take measurements to see how many panels you need.

2- Double check your address, so it arrives when it should. Made in the USA - Since 2013